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작성자 Barun Dutta123 등록일 time18-05-01 01:30


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please get us the best offer price for complete 50 MW solar plant 

we have a friend  in East Africa with Gold mining site and they are looking for a Photovoltaic, CSP and CPV EPC/BOP Construction

-Design and Engineering for Solar Facilities


PV panels, support systems, cabling, inverters, transformers, switchgears, and power poles

-Civil Construction

-Infrastructure Construction

Frame assembly, panel installation, equipment installation, and collection systems ,Facility Development ready to accept exchange of their gold as the payment.

Their gold nuggets are with purity of 97.8/98% at a cost of 32,000 Usd per kilo .

If business is of interest to you kindly get back to us  and i will get

arrangement for you to meet with our clients face to discuss the matter further and also be able to inspect and view their gold bars/nuggets to confirm availability.


Barun Dutta

Sourcing Manager

Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines(KCGM) Black Street PMB 27 

Kalgoorlie WA 6433c  

Perth, Australia

direct line: + 61872001425

1800 620 441 | 08 9021 2211