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Introduced by solar power plant "Solar Today" with domestic …

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In the November issue of "Solar Today", the best monthly magazine in the domestic solar field 

Currently, Hainan 57 MW power station, which is the largest solar power plant in Japan,

It was introduced.

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Hainan 57 MW photovoltaic power plant built in Hainan County Fan Sangmyeong,

A project cost of more than 100 billion won was introduced, and now, in Japan

It is the largest capacity among photovoltaic power stations installed at one site.

The main construction is Toptech, Tupson does the whole design and construction,

Finance is Shinhan BNP, purchase of REC is South Korea South Electric Power Generation,

It is a large photovoltaic power plant that took approx. 5 years to install and install.

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In the November issue of "Solar Today", these Hainan Power Plant

Process which was difficult until construction and will solve this

Efforts, and in what way does this mean Korea's solar field

The contents are included whether it has done a lot.

Once you read and understand the large solar power plant

I will help you.

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Thank you very much.