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It is emerging all over the world
The issue of depletion of fossil fuel energy sources and
environmental concerns about global warming

It is the most important task that humanity needs to solve.

These challenges include reducing energy consumption by replacing existing
energy-intensive products with high-efficiency products,
It can be solved by using less energy and gradually replacing it with renewable energy.

Photovoltaic energy is the renewable energy to replace existing fossil energy and is the source of all the
energy that mankind ever got.

The development and the spread of the energy as an infinite energy source that can not be depleted are
improving and increasing day by day.

The energy future of the future is not a country with a lot of fossil fuels such as oil and coal,
With the conviction that it will be a country that makes good use of infinite natural energy,
topsun develops, spreads and spreads new and renewable energy
Was established in 2008 to contribute.

Since then, we have developed and produced the world's first 450Wp module,
and built the largest capacity solar power plant in Haenam in Jeonnam
It is positioned as a major reign of domestic renewable energy companies.

We will continue to do our utmost to spread solar power both domestically and
worldwide as a corporation that considers the future and descendants of mankind.

Thank you