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  • Andong, Kyungbuk NIC Solar power plant complete(3MW)
  • Completion of Primary 136.6MWh Solar ESS in Haenam County
  • Completion of Primary 11.2MWh solar photovoltaic ESS in Haenam County
  • Construction of 47.5MW photovoltaic power plant in Jeju Island
  • YK Energy's 2.4MW Roof Type Started Construction of Power Plant
  • Signed an agreement with Daeyoung Solar to build a 1MW solar power plant
  • Signed a cooperation agreement with Korea Electric Safety Corporation
  • Completion of Chungnam Joyang photovoltaic power plant (2 MW)ㆍ
  • Solar photovoltaic power plant (3.6 MW)
    of Chungnam Polyeong Solar Farm completedㆍ
  • Solar photovoltaic power plant (3.6 MW)
    of Chungnam flowering solar farm completedㆍ
  • Miho Ehara Mine Photovoltaic Power Plant (5 MW) Completedㆍ
  • Completion of photovoltaic power plant (15 MW)
    in Jeonnam South Waipuri 1, Secondary Sectionㆍ
  • Solar photovoltaic power plant (11 MW) completed
    in Hainan-Ichiro 2-chome, South Jeollanam-doㆍ
  • JW Solar Park Solar ESS System (36.6 MWh) Completedㆍ
  • Completion of photovoltaic power plant (1.7 MW)
    in Sinclair South Power Generation Shin-inchonㆍ
  • Domestic certification of high efficiency 500 Wp solar moduleㆍ
  • ㆍReceived order for solar power plant (57MW)
  • ㆍMungyeong Solar Farm 2MW Solar Power Plant Completed
  • ㆍSigned a contract with Sunny Plant Project
  • ㆍCompletion of Yeongju Solar Power Plant in Gyeongbuk (1.5MW)
  • ㆍJeonnam Haenam Solar Power Plant completed (57MW)
  • Elected as a prospective small and medium enterprise in Jeollanamdoㆍ
  • Selected as Jiangsu enterprise in Jeollanamdo areaㆍ
  • Completed 1MW photovoltaic power plant in Assago, Japanㆍ
  • Completed 1.8MW of SungWon Steel Millㆍ
  • Acquired China CQC certificationㆍ
  • ㆍObtained MAIN-BIZ certification for management innovation type SME
  • ㆍCompletion of highway PV 2.5MW
  • ㆍTopsun Jeonnam Energy 8MW solar power plant completed
  • Obtained JET certificationㆍ
  • Completed 2MW solar power plant at Andong abandoned mineㆍ
  • Seil GAT Solar 8MW Solar Power Plant Completedㆍ
  • Completion of 1MW of energy farmㆍ
  • ㆍCertified as a technologically innovative SME (Innobiz)
  • ㆍObtained ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification
  • ㆍYeongdong Thermal Power 1MW solar power plant joint supply
    and demand
  • ㆍCompletion of 1MW photovoltaic power plant
  • ㆍSelected as a company to carry out PID national research project
  • Selected as a company specializing in the dissemination ofㆍ
    1 million green homes    
  • Honam Regional Economy R & D Projectㆍ
  • Selected as 'Good Company to work in our region' byㆍ
    Ministry of Knowledge Economy    
  • Awarded the Minister of Knowledge Economy Awardㆍ
  • Selected as an energy farm business operator in Jeollanamdoㆍ
  • Awarded $ 10 million Export Towerㆍ
  • Presidential Industrial Packaging Awardㆍ
  • Obtained VDE, CSA, MCS certificationㆍ
  • ㆍObtained certification for renewable energy facility
  • ㆍMoved the head office and completed the 80MW production plant of
        solar module (Jeonnam Jangseong)
  • ㆍCompleted construction of 2.4MW solar power plant in Lotte Mart
  • ㆍObtained TUV, UL, CEC certification
  • Registered electric workㆍ
  • Registered as a company specializing in renewable energyㆍ
  • Establishment of affiliated research instituteㆍ
  • Sunchang Energy 1MW solar power plant completedㆍ
  • Acquired venture business certificationㆍ
  • Completed 1MW solar power plant at Lotte Martㆍ
  • ㆍEstablished corporation (Kyungpyeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon)