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Solar power plant

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From the beginning to the end of solar power plant construction, we provide total solutions.

TOPSUN will provide you with a total solution as starting from feasibility studies of solar projects to engineering, technology, procurement and project management, construction and commissioning. It will be enable you to generate stable revenue for your customers.

All processes from licensing to construction

Business feasibility
Professional Consulting
Licensing, PF
Optimized design
Purchasing materials
Optimum construction
Power trading

From 1MW to 100MW power plants

Volume Division Performance
~0.5kW Mini solar light - Veranda type system
3kW Household solar power - Housing supply business
- geumo island 100 households installed
30kW Energy farm - Jeonnam Energy Farm (30kW, total 30)
100kW Small power plant - Seocheon-gun sewage treatment plant 65kW
- Kongju University Photovoltaic 80kW
500kW Small power plant - Sungjin Solar 650kW
- Gunsan Solar 500kW
1MW Small power plant - oun solar 1.4mW
- Angel Solar 1MW
3MW Medium power plant - Green Rail 3MW
- wonho solar 4MW
10MW Medium and large power plants - Sail Steel 8.15MW
- Topsun Jeonnam Energy 8MW
~100MW Large power plants - Haenam 57MW
- Fenghua 50MW to be built