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Licensing and PF

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It is the responsibility of the designated person to represent the complicated paperwork, licensing procedures,
and financial funding work promptly through comprehensive review and problem solving. We will procee

Licensing & Complaint

  • 1. Permission for power generation business

    Over 3,000kW: Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
    Less than 3,000 kW: wide-area municipality or foundation municipality
  • 2. Permission to conduct development

    Basic municipality
    Consider urban planning according to development area
    Or small-scale environmental impact assessment
  • 3. Application for distribution facility use

    Received Power Exchange and KEPCO documents
    Including power supply contract, application for use of power distribution facilities, etc.
  • 4. Report construction plan

    Wide-area municipality or foundation municipality
    Submission of major equipment, construction plans, supervision documents, etc.
  • 5. Pre-use inspection

    Regional Electric Safety Corporation
    Completion 1 week before application
    Electrical safety management person
  • 6. Report on business start

    Wide-area municipality or foundation municipality
    Pre-use inspection Proceed after passing
  • 7. Check RPS equipment

    Energy Management Corporation
    Within 1 month after examination before use
  • 8. Completion of development activity

    Constructed to permit development
    Completion of business in basic municipality

Roof type

  • ① Electric business license application, completion
  • ② Acceptance of development activity
  • ③ Consultation with relevant departments
  • ④ Completion of development activity permission
  • Jangseong Wattos 750kW
    Sungwon Steel 1.75MW
    Sail Steel 8.15Mw

Large-scale type

    Development activity Less than 3,000㎡, 6 months
  • ① Prepare Pre-Disaster Impact Assessment
  • ② Creating a Small Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ③ Acceptance of development activity
  • ④ Consultation of nearby township
  • ⑤ Consultation with relevant departments
  • ⑥ Deliberation by local government city planning committee
  • ⑦ Completion of development activity permission
  • oun solar 1.4MW
    Moonkyung solar 2MW
    Gaehwa Solar Farm 3.6MW

    Urban military planning More than 3,000 square meters, 12 months
  • ① Urban and military management planning proposal
  • ② Establishment of Land Use Plan
  • ③ Prepare a traffic assessment report
  • ④ Advised the City Administration Management Planning Committee
  • ⑤ City Planning Commission deliberation
  • ⑥ Submit action plan
  • ⑦ City and County Management Plan Decision Notice
  • Topsun Jeonnam Energy 8MW
    JW Solar Park 57MW
    Namhae outside the sun 50MW

Financing (PF)

Division The second financial sector First Bank
Self-fund 10% 20~30%
PFfunds 90% 70~80%
  • * 14 years on a 1-year grace period
  • * Solve PF if you have secured only equity
  •   Construction with less than 200 million won equity capital in 1MW
  • Angel Solar 1MW ☞ 1.5 billion won
    Topsun Jeonnam Energy 8MW ☞ 15 billion won
    Haenam 57MW ☞ 100 billion won