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Maintenance Service

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After the solar power plant is built, the long-term, long-term and long-
We provide maintenance services for stable operation and profit generation.

  • Continuous management with O&M

    • - Maintenance operation essential for stable operation of power plant
    • - 1MW or more professional staff resident
    • - When system abnormalities are detected through maintenance
      and monitoring Quick action
    • - System analysis and reporting Angel Solar 1MW, Nanyang Solar 1MW,
      Green energy 2MW, Topsun Jeonnam energy 8MW,
      Haenam JW Solar Park 57MW etc.
      Current maintenance operator contract
  • Real-time check through monitoring

    • - Can check detailed status of internal and external system
    • - Additional alarms and controls within the system
    • - Real-time check with computer and mobile phone Established office monitoring server at TOPSUN
      head office Monitoring all power plants over
  • A/S to cope with fast situation

    • - A/S dedicated department
    • - Emergency dispatch service
    • - Dispatching to the whole country
    • - Know-how through various construction examples for many years Energy farms over 30 areas, houses over 100
      households, Lotte Mart 34 area, etc.
  • Checking on-site situation with CCTV

    • - With solar power plant security camera installation Occasional situation check
    • - Detection of door and door
    • - Field inspection function
    • - Remote camera operation