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Conclusion of solar power plant management management contract

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Our company has accumulated cumulative 110M solar power plant O & M (Operation Management)

I signed a contract. There are about 25 power plants with operational management contracts.


JW Solar Park (22MW), JW Energy (18MW), Domestic and Foreign

M & A (operation management) contract with solar power (4MW) power plant. Operational management contracts

Since we have a long-term contract for 12 to 20 years,

This will have a positive impact on long-term capital flows.


It is expected to become operational management contract up to 180MW by this year, and next year about 250MW power plant

We will be in operation management.

Now our company is engaged in manufacturing of solar module, development of solar project, construction of solar power plant,

By holding solar power plants and managing the operation of solar power plants,

We will be able to diversify items and operate a stable business.


In the future, our top line is the best specialized in renewable energy solar photovoltaic industry

We will strive to become a corporation, to cope with climate change and to

It will be the future energy company that will lead the clean energy.