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The largest solar power plant 57MW in Korea

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In the November issue of "Solar Today", the best monthly magazine in domestic solar power field, 

the 57MW power plant of Haenam, the largest solar power plant in Korea, was introduced.

The 57MW photovoltaic power plant in Haenam, which was built on Hwangsan-myeon in Haenam-gun, has invested more than 100 billion won and is the largest solar power plant installed on a single site in Korea. The main contractor is TOPTEC, and the whole design and construction were made by TOPSUN.  Shinhan BNP for finance, REC purchasing for Korea South East Power Co., is a large solar power plant that takes about 5 years to license and install. The process involved the difficult process of constructing the Haenam power plant, efforts to solve it, and what it means in the solar field in Korea.