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Topsun Co.,Ltd Korea's largest photovoltaic ESS construction completed

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 The 11MW photovoltaic power plant (left) and the 59MW power plant project

[Maeil Business Newspaper] 2018.07.25 18:19:46 Reporter Song Min-geun


Topsun Co.,Ltd (CEO Yoon, Jeong-Taek), a solar power company, completed construction of the largest solar power plant and solar energy-linked energy storage device (ESS) in Korea. 

Topsun Co.,Ltd announced that it has completed the installation of a 70MW solar power plant in Haenam, South Jeolla Province along with TopTek (Representative Lee Jae-Hwan), and completed the installation of 200MWh solar-powered ESS Construction and management and operation of solar power plants and ESS are carried out by topsun.


Power plants and ESS ownership are owned by financial institutions and individual investors.

70MW solar power generation and 200MWh solar ESS are the largest in Korea.

Yoon Jung-taek, CEO of Topsun Co.,Ltd, said, "About 250 billion won was invested in the construction of ESS in connection with solar power plant." Thanks to completion of ESS, we can supply electricity produced during the day and night. "


The Haenam Hanseatic power plant has also completed the underground line laying underground wires. Yun said, "It is a structure connected to the power system through a 100MW substation near Haenam-eup substation." "Because we finished the underground work, we did not have any electric poles, so we minimized the impact on the surrounding environment."


We plan to spend about 40% of the electricity produced in one place in the daytime and 60% in the night time. Yoon said, "Based on the installation of the ESS in connection with the solar power plant, we expect more than 50% more sales than last year."